First impressions.

This post was just slapped together. No one is good enough the world is an awful place And everyone in it is in trouble. My problems are being imposed on to me because I was born into the wrong family Had the wrong friends the wrong face Is the wrong body live in the wrong town And went to the wrong school. If only this was like that everything would be OK

Actually, you are good enough.

Many years ago, I worked a family business, you inevitably end up wearing many hats and being the czar of many different jobs. I mainly managed projects and worked as a video editor. On production, there were times that I was called on to work as an audio tech and was made to wear headphones on long production days. In those days, having a really good set of headphones that picked up every nuance of sound was essential to making sure the client got what they needed.

Naturally, my first impression of these headphones is based on their look of them. They have a classic over-the-ear style that is highlighted by a blue LED light that indicates the power of the noise canceling. The padding on the earpieces seems adequate for extended usage periods.

This life was given to you because you are strong enough to live it.

TD Ryan

If your reasons aren’t big enough, your excuses will be.

We are so attached to the unhelpful familiar that we will spend our valuable very finite time here on Earth crafting excuses to keep ourselves right where we are instead of Leaping into the Glorious unknown and growing into who we’re really meant to be. Most of the stories about why we feel the way we feel have just become excuses to suffer.

When life gets too much,

Do life! You make it happen. Procrastination is your enemy and delay is denial. Don’t deny your tomorrow by delaying your now. Don’t make excuses your reasoning. Ambition doesn’t sleep. Discipline, dedication, and devotion suck at times, but determination pays off in the end.