Just the other day I happened to wake up early. After a long time, I witnessed the sunrise. I could feel the sun’s rays falling on my body. This morning was just another morning yet seemed different.

Witnessing a calm and quiet atmosphere, the clear and fresh air seemed like a miracle to me. There was this unusual serenity that comforted my mind. It dawned on me, how distant I had been from nature. Walking near the forest, feeling the moistness that the air carried. I feel like these concrete buildings have sucked our desires and our dreams. We are so used to comfort that compromise seems like a taboo. You only need a desire to survive and nothing more- not money or cars or designer clothes.

Staying locked up in four walls has restricted our thinking. I feel like our limited thinking echoes through this wall. We are so used to schedules and predictable life that we have successfully suppressed our creative side.

When you step out of these four walls on a peaceful morning, you realize how much nature has to offer to you. It’s boundless. Your thoughts, worries, and deadlines won’t resonate here. Everything will flow away along with the wind. And you will realize every answer you had been looking for, was always known to you. Learning about WordPress today, adding videos to this post seems to have a positive effect.